The need to market a school centers around both the communication of the education offered and the attraction and retention of pupils. Schools often believe that virtue brings its own reward but to be effective, as we move into twenty-first century, it is not enough simply to be a good school. What is also important is that the school is perceived as being a good one. The quote could be rewritten as: Virtue does not bring its own reward, but virtue with a good marketing strategy may! Whatever the positive attributes of a school, they will not, of themselves, ensure continued success and survival unless the wider community knows about, understands and, above all, values them.
One of the prime functions of the marketing process is to ensure two-way communication between the school and its clients. The school must provide information about its aims and achievements to those who have a choice of school and also to the wider group of partners in the educational process, such as industry and the local community. One aspect of this is the collection of information concerning the way in which the external world perceives the school and the expectations, which are placed on it. This view is then matched whit what the school and the expectations which are placed on it. This view is then matched with what the school can offer, so that there is then a coherent information flow on which to base a promotion strategy. Much media attention focuses criticism on the education system so there is a significant need to communicate good news in order to provide a balance. Those who work in schools know about the amount of effort that is put in and the excellent achievements of pupils. The marketing process should enable schools to display that quality. While a poor media image serves to lower the teachers. This not only applies to schools that are struggling to build their reputation but also to those which have already gained good reputation is protected and further enhanced. This is especially the case as other schools begin to raise their profiles in the local community.